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NOTE: This web site is fairly new and still in the construction phase. If you see errors, bad links or missing pages, please bear in mind that they will likely be fixed soon. Do feel free to send me a message if you do spot something though.

NOTE of NOTE: This Page is VERY OLD!
The index return and several links may be down. Use your browser's back button to return.
I Will NOT Be Fixing This Site!
There are several things that I would like to add to my current site from this one, but not yet. I simply don't have the time right now.

      Welcome to my site! As you can see from the links on the left, there are several general areas that I provide either a service or general information with the intention of a service in the near future. I designed this site to be as simple as possible so that you will not get lost, and you can always find your way directly to where you want to go, hassle free. If you aren't sure where to go, start with the title at the top of the page, it will always bring you right back here.

      My moto is to question everything and try to find a way to do it better. Sometimes this means a better cost for the same experience, or better customer service for a competitive price, or many times it simply means that it is just overall, better.

My experience has been that many things are done in 'commercial' business to satisfy one of two things: outdated tradition and money first. They won't change because, well, they can't. I can. I do things differently. I enjoy experimenting around and finding the overall best way that something can be done and then going and doing it.

      Please feel free to check out my site. Browse all around and see what I do. My primary services at this time consist of computer services, data backup (pictures & files) and home automation. The others are things that are on their way in as I am continuing to build my business.

CONTACT ME! If you have any questions, concerns, comments or need a job done, call or email me. I will return your inquiries as soon as I can.

LOGGING IN: I am currently working on the login page. It is on the page only as I am working on it. It is currently NOT a live login! Once you are able to log in, you will have access to a page that will allow you to manage your services with me. At this point, it is still under construction. I still have some more modules to load to the server. Please be patient. I should have it all up and going by the end of this month.

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