Tyler Wenks Enterprises

Recycle Program


The Recycle Program is designed to merge with the 3D Solutions, Auquaponics & Fuel-Energy-Heat Programs, although it can be run independantly. The Recycle Program that I will be implementing will take in un-wanted materials and break them down in to raw materials to be re-sold. Not only do I plan on making a profit doing this, but I plan on hiring several people to run the facilities and equipment, thus promoting job growth in the area.

The basis of how this works is that consumers will bring in items that they no longer need or want. These products may be broken beyond repair, or even completely destroyed, but that doesn't matter, as they will be broken down into their component peices anyway. The consumer has a choice of either receiving a cash payment, or creating an account with us, in which he/she can continually bring goods in, earn credits and use those credits to purchase goods that have been refined into raw materials or processed into new usable products.

Raw products consist of green-house grown food, natural gas, liquid fertilizer, electricity, filler, compressed CO2, ingots of soft metals and even hot water for heating in nearby buildings.

New usable products can be 3D printed from raw product, 3D or manually fabricated from raw product and even custom manufactured from used peices of material or raw product.



Food Waste