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Fuel, Heating and Energy Alternatives

Recycled Fuels

I believe that there are many alternatives to the way that we produce and use our rescources today. I believe that we CAN BE responsible consumers of fuel and energy. But, that means that we would have to fully subscribe to the philosophy that the way that we are currently running things just isn't feasable any more. We cannot continue to mine non-renewable resources from the earth, as they will one day run out. We cannot continue to pump fuels through our engines and belch poison into the very air that we breath, as we are all getting sick and dying from it. We cannot continue to generate electricity from highly toxic materials that have to be stored for several hundred years just so that they are safe to handle again. We have got to put these things down and move forward!

We currently have the technology, means and ability to go 'Cold Turkey' on all of these out-dated and un-safe technologies and proceedures. I say we act now, and move forward! Let's move out of this 'Industrial Age' that started over 200 years ago and move into the 'Clean Age' that we have been promised for the last 75 years!

Clean Heat

Raw Energy

Abundant Food