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Almost everybody neglects to properly backup their data and more importantly, their pictures. Almost everybody owns at least one computer, whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone - many have multiples of each. Almost none of these devices are properly backed up. The pictures, music and personal data are rarely transferred to a safe place that is different from the same device that is in everyday use.

Oftentimes, someone will come to me and say they want to recover some data from their broken device, but it is already too late, as they never made a single copy of their information and they are forced to start over! It is a very painful lesson for sure, and not an easy one at that, but if you simply back up your data and pictures to an offsite storage facility (yes, I am trying to sell a service here...), then when your system does go down, your data, pictures, information, etc. is still all perfectly safe, right here, and not on any cloud that is accessed by millions of users, but on actual server backups that only you have access to.

You can add or remove files at will, and we will store them as you give them to us. So if you accidently delete something, you can simply go back to your last backup and have it recovered for you, right on your computer.

You can also sign up for data-share, which enables you to share all of your backed up data, or only portions of it if you choose, amongst devices other than the primary backup device. For example, you might have a laptop that you write school reports on and would like to be able to make final editing changes and be able to print from your smart phone or tablet at school. With data-share, you can share any selected data on any device that you own.

Multiple devices will be able to be backed up. We are working hard to get the applications out for tablet and smartphone backups on I-series, Android series and E-Readers. We will start out by supporting PC's and laptops in the Windows, Mac and Linux types though.

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