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Lighting Controls

I can build any range of home automation systems that you like.

Lighting Controls:

      Imagine, that when you wake up, instead of a harsh alarm going off in your ears, and the lights blinding your when you get up, your lights gently turn on to low level, music starts playing softly in the background, you get out of bed, and the lights come up to half brightness. You go to the bathroom, and the lights come on to a low glow. If you have to shave or put on makeup, with the touch of a button, or a spoken word, your lights come on to full power so that you can see better in the mirror.

Do you have that special room that you have to fumble with to try and find the light switch? Our system can set up motion detectors to sense when you enter the room or door switches that detect when the door is opened and light up the room for you, without you ever having touching a light switch! Just walk into the room, and the lights come on. You can set timers from a couple of minutes to several hours for it to shut off, or just say the word and the central computer will shut the light off for you! Additional hardware will be required.

When you head off to work, you no longer have to worry about shutting off appliances and lights, you can simply set up a schedule for everything to shut off, speak the words, or push a button, and your home will shut everything off for you, or run lights on a timer. You can even check the status of your home with an app for your android phone (coming soon).

When you get off of work, and it is dark outside, as you get home your driveway light can turn on, and when you get to the door, your porch light can come on, then, when you swipe your key-fob near the wall your door unlocks and your living room lights come on.

Finally, when you go to bed, you press a single button and, at your discretion, either all of your lights turn off at once throughout the house, or they can be programmed to shut off in a certain sequence.

When the sun comes out, the drapes can be automatically drawn to let in the sunlight to bring in the light and help heat the house. If a cloud covers the sun, a light can come on to keep the light at a desired level, then, when the cloud leaves and the light level goes back up, the light will turn off automatically.

Getting dark outside? The drapes can be drawn automatically and the lights can turn on to a set dimmed level. Again, you can set a light level in the house. Plan on watching a romantic movie? Set the lights on low. Or choose any light level setting for different scenarios.

Power Controls:

      Are you tired of keeping track of the multiple remote controls for your fans, air conditioners, stereos, movie players, cable box, TV, Wii, thermostats, heaters, etc.? We can set up a single light and appliance remote that controls the on/off & dimming of all of your lights (requires additional hardware) and the on/off control of all of your appliances (also requires additional hardware). Would you like to to get rid of all of your TV and entertainment center remotes? We can setup IR transmitters that can control almost any type of equipment that uses an IR remote. Equipment can also be controlled with voice commands with the addition of special microphones.

Is your home tempurature always too hot or too cold? Let us set up your heat-pump, A/C, gas heater or portable heaters, coolers and fans on appliance modules that can be switched on manually or via a schedule, or hooked up in conjunction with thermostats that communicate with the central computer and can mantain a set tempurature in your home. Different schedules can be used to set different tempuratures. For example, in the winter, you can set your room tempurature to be at 70 degrees F. and in the summer you could set it to 65. You can also set different rooms to be at different tempuratures. You can run a green-house at 72 degrees F. and your living room at 68 and your bedroom at 65.

Really want more automation and control of your home? Have your bedroom start warming up when you get home from work, and your electric blanket turn on an hour before you go to bed. After a couple of hours, have the heat turn down to save energy. When you leave the room in the morning, the heat can automatically turn off. Same for the kitchen and bathroom, have them warm up an hour before you even get up.

Do you have some areas that need a fan to run at certain times, or a heater to run, or any other small appliance to run on a schedule? Our system can turn on/off almost any small appliance that runs on 120V AC. All units can be set to turn on or off on a schedule, or controled from additional sensors and a remote that communicate with the central computer. For example, with the integration of a keypad or card reader, you can swipe a key-fob and have it open and close a drive-way gate, remotely heat your tool room before you get home from work, or even feed and water your pets.

Video Security:

      Do you need to keep an eye on certain areas of your property? Do you have people constantly trespassing, stealing your belongings, or even knocking your mailbox off of its post? We can set you up with several cameras to watch your property and help you catch the culpret(s).

Many people have kids and like the idea of having a recording of anyone who enters their property. Some people have deliveries dropped off on their property and would like the 'insurance' of having a photo 'ID' of any person that may have taken the delivery. Others have troublesome people that come to their door constantly and need an ID for the authorities, or to simply know when to not answer the door. Even businesses or the self-employed can use this to their advantage, as they can monitor and have a recording of any and all interactions that they may have with customers. This can be a lifesaver in a courtroom, as you can back up your claims with a video & audio recording.

Alarms and Triggers

      Are you tired of going to the mail-box just to find out that your mail hasn't come yet? How about getting suprised when a non-resident family member enters your home that you weren't expecting? Would you like to be notified when someone enters or leaves your driveway? Do you have some property that you suspect someone is trespassing in, but you never know when they are there?

We can set up a notification trigger on your mail-box, and even equip it with a light and camera so that you can see who opens the door, and when you have mail. Gate triggers can notify you when someone opens your gate, or leaves it open when it should be shut. You can even have a driveway alarm that will let you know when someone enters or leaves your drive. For those areas that someone is accessing when you are not around, cameras, motion sensors and even audible alarms can be the answer to finding the trespasser.

Do you have a water sensitive area, like a computer room? We can set you up with a humidity sensor that comunicates with the central computer and tells an appliance to dry out the room. We can also set you up with water sensors for areas such as under computers and next to water heaters to prevent major water damage, by sounding an audible alarm and sending out a message via email.

For those who really want the sense of protection, we also offer full or partial security systems including alarms. These include door and window alarms, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors and keypads. You can choose to have an emergency number called right away, your cell phone called first, and you are given an option to call an emergency number, or no number called at all, helping to prevent falls alarms.

Additional triggers and sensors can be set up to monitor tempuratures of rooms or devices to keep them within pre-defined levels, which you have the choice of setting differently at any time.

Full Systems

      In addition to any partial setup, we offer complete packages that will get you up and running with every thing that you need and want. Just give us a call, and we will be happy to custom design any type of system just for you at no additional cost! For our contact information, please click here .

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Full Systems