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Auquaponics: The source for cleen, grean & sustainable foods.

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With an auquaponics system, you can have an easily replenishable, clean, green food source. Your food sources feed each-other and you eat the excess. Auquaponics is a mini ecological system that can be scaled from feeding just a couple of pet fish, to feeding a single person or household, to feeding a very large city.

Auquaponic systems are made up of two primary systems and one secondary system, and are generally designed to mimick those ecological systems found in nature. The first primary system is a fish habitat. The fish eat greens and produce waste. This waste is then fed by the secondary system, the pumping system, to the second primary system, the green-house. The plants take the nutrients from the the fish waste as use it as fertilizer and water. This is food for the plants, and as they consume the waste, they clean and filter the water, which can then be sent back to the fish as fresh water. Now, as the fish grow, they become a source of clean meat for you and I. In a system designed to sustain several people, the fish and greens can be continually removed, so as to always have a sustainable food source. If built in a properly designed green-house or hot-house, this process can run all year around. If a smaller system is designed, then food can be removed during the natural growing seasons only, and be stored and portioned out for later use.

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