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Please note that this service is a plan for the future. I will be making a 3-D printer (small scale) soon, and I have received most of the equipment now! Once I do, I will use it to make a much larger one, and start the 3-D & Recyle programs.

3D Solutions is a service that will take biological plastic, most recyled plastics and some metals (both of the latter from the recycle program) and print them on a very large 3D printer. We will use HDLP and LDLP plastics. We also use biological plastic that is made from milk products (Save your old milk!) for internal modeling projects. All of these plastics and light metals can be printed into almost any shape that you can think of. If a camera can capture it, and a computer can interpret it, we can print it.

We make replacement parts for tools, equipment and toys. Do you have a design for a new product? We can print anything that can be drawn on a computer. We can even import your drawings to use, saving you money, rather than doing all the work ourselves.

Another, slightly newer technology, is printing with metal. We plan on incorperating printers that can print aluminum, tin, brass and very light steel. These are more expensive to print because of the process involved, but they drastically cut down on machining work, so they balance in price for the most part; although, large scale costs are estimated to drop dramatically.

On the other side of printing is CNC machining. The machining works basically the same way as the 3D printer, except that it is taking material away, rather than adding. We can machine wood and most common light metals.

We also offer assembly and fabrication for your completed printed / machined project, or as a seperate process all-together. This covers both wood and metal fabrication.

Printing in Plastic

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