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Business Computer and Data Services

      I provide several Business I.T. Services that will keep your systems functioning correctly, as well as several preventative services that can get you back up on your feet in very little time in the event of an emergency.

      When you let me take care of the issues in the background, you can focus on your business, rather than technical problems that may be directing your focus away from making a profit.

Penetration Testing

      How secure is your business? Are you safe from hackers? How about internal security? Do you know what is leaving your network and when? Do you have employees that take work home? What would happen if their laptop or flash-drive was lost or stolen? Do you have a step by step procedure to follow? What is being posted about your business on social media? Is your Wifi secure? How about your internal network?

      Most people actually have not heard of Penetration Testing. On its most basic level, Penetration Testing is testing your IT Infrastructure to see if a hacker would be able to penetrate its defenses. Many times there are default passwords that haven't been changed, non-secure platforms that are used, and quite often, a lack of security defenses in place at all.

      Penetration Testing fully tests your IT Infrastructure to see where the weak points are. In essence, I am going to to pretend to be a hacker and see what I can see as far as your weak points, but, I will not steal your data or damage your systems like a real hacker would, I do it to find the weak links and repair, and strengthen them, so that when a real hacker comes along, they will be stopped in their tracks.

Remote Access and Repairs

      Having issues during the day? Can't wait for a scheduled appointment? Need an immediate resolution? Call and I will remote into your system and fix it over the internet! I can repair almost anything remotely, although hardware issues are generally an on-site fix.

      System can't get online? Take a screen-shot with your print-screen button (next to your F12 button) paste it in an email or text message and send it to me so that I can see what is happening.

Data Services

      Have you ever lost those highly important documents, or irreplaceable photos of loved ones? Most people have. I can, in many cases, restore your lost data; although each situation is different and results will vary.

      I can back up all of your data to your very own personal secured storage vault on our servers. When you make that big 'oops' and accidentally delete your data, or you forget to save your data, or even if your computer crashes on you, you can have it all saved to your very own vault, automatically. Not only will you have it saved in your own vault, but you will also have your original copy on your computer for instant access. Different setup options will allow scheduled backups, or even instantaneous backups as you work.

      I offer Off-Site Data Storage via Hard Disk Cloning, Hard Drive Archival and Cloud Storage for Single or Multiple users.


      I can help you build a custom network as simple or as complex as you need. From single machine setups, to multiple routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and workstations, I do it all.

      Do you need a specific piece of equipment to be isolated from the rest of the network, yet still connect to the internet? How about keeping particular web sites or types of web sites from being accessed from your equipment or network? Let me set up your small business network for you. All this and more, just ask.


      Do you like the layout of the page that you are on? It's very simple, and yet complete. I can build a similar one for you on the cheap, or we can design one together, that will meet all of your individual needs, and at the same time blow your customers' minds.

      Want to have all of your computer needs and services in one location? I have very competitive prices on all computer needs, including web site hosting.


      I offer regular maintenance services for homes and businesses. You simply choose a service plan and a maintenance schedule that works for you. I can then do most of the work remotely to backup data, clear temporary files, check for viruses, etc. I also provide a monthly cleaning of your computer(s) to keep the dust out (with certain package selections).

      The dust can easily build up to a point of clogging the cooling fans and heat-sinks and causing your computer to over-heat. This will cause your computer to slow down, or even stop all-together. If not stopped in time, you can ruin your computer, simply from dust buildup on the inside.


      I provide business-class Anti-Virus with a Remote Monitoring Service package through Avast. I get alarts remotely for each virus alert that you see. I manage it remotely, sending updates and forcing scans at the beginning of each week. I can also log in remotely and service your systems, if elected.

On-Call Service

      For those whom require regular servicing of their systems, I recommend my on-call service. This gives you an initial break on the hourly price, and the more hours you use, the lower your hourly rate is.

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