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About Me:
      I have been programming, repairing and building computers since 1997, along with going to college, studying different aspects of penetration testing and hardware / software / network security, and am currently studying to get my CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CompTia A+ certificates along with my Associates Degree in CIS (Computer Information Systems).

My Experience:
      I started out repairing and building my own computers (on an 8086). I learned to program in DOS and build menu systems and small operating systems, and unfortunately, I have been hooked on computers ever since.

      I gained technical experience in a small repair shop as a repair techician and decided to go ahead and start my own business repairing computers. I had to shut down in 2008 when the recession hit, and did some miscelanious work and college studies until I landed a job in a Southern Oregon casino as an IT Technician. I re-launched my business in mid 2014 with much more experience and tools under my belt. Since then I have aslo gained some experience working on Video Rental Kiosks (similar to the ones that you may have seen at some fast food and grocery outlets).

Home Theater:
      Do you need a home theater setup? I'm your guy! I can put your Karaoke, Blu-Ray System, Surround Sound, TV and computer audio all together as a single functional unit. When I am done, you can record to the computer, play from the computer, play from your Blu-Ray / DVD and have it all run through your surround sound system!

Services that I provide:
      I provide services such as general computer repairs, software fixes, hardware replacement, new hardware installation & setup, monitored anti-virus, remote repairs, several types of data storage and even home theater setups.

      I offer data / picture recovery. So, if your computer died and you have pictures and files that you need from the hard drive, many times I can recover them for you.

      I also do software installs, Operating System installs & updates, Virus, Worm and Malware extractions, speed up slow and aged computers, and even bring completely dead computers back to life!

      Do you have a small business? You should consider my Maintenance Service. With the Maintenance Service I will run Microsoft Windows and Office updates and your Anti-Virus program updates. I also clean up your old, junk and temporary files; and to top it off, I check and clean your registry. This will keep your system running smoothly. I also provide on-site physical cleaning of the computer. This includes, cleaning your keyboards, mice, screen and the inside of the computer (the tower).

      I provide an Anti-Virus Monitoring and Maintenance Service through Avast Business Anti-Virus. It allows me to monitor your anti-virus status so that I can see when viruses or emails get blocked by the anti-virus. I also get alerts when your system fails to run an update, or if it gets a virus. At that point I can contact you and log in to remove the problem, either remotely or on-site. This saves you the time and effort of constantly making sure that your equipment is up to date. I take that burden for you.

Networking and WiFi:
      I can help you build a custom network as simple or as complex as you need. From single machine setups, to multiple routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and workstations, I do it all.

      Do you need a specific piece of equipment to be isolated from the rest of the network, yet still connect to the internet?

      How about keeping particular web sites or types of web sites from being accessed from your equipment or network?

      Is your network secure? Even your WiFi? Let me check it out and set it up correctly for you.

      Let me engineer your network for you. All this and more, just ask.

Web Site Design, Engineering, Construction and Hosting:
      Do you like the layout and look of the page that you are on? It's very simple, yet complete. I can build a similar one for you on the cheap, or we can design one together, that will meet all of your individual needs, and at the same time blow your customers' minds. We can work together on a design for the site, you provide the content, and I will engineer and construct the site. When it is all done, I will even host it for you!

Other Business Services:
      I provide all major technical business services, web hosting, network design, configuration and implementation, regularly scheduled maintenance programs, on-call contracts, major upgrade support, standard upgrades, remote virus monitoring and Virus, Worm and Malware isolations and extractions, along with all other regular computer related services.

      Do you want to have all of your computer needs and services in one location? Ask me how. I provide all of the major services that your business needs. I have very competitive prices on all computer and technical needs, including web site hosting.

Specialized Contract Work:
      I enjoy getting that special call every now and again about specialized work. One of the more interesting jobs that I have done is Video Rental Kiosk Repairs. I also have a 3-D printer, so I can make replacement plastic repairs. I also do Business Automation Design and Resale. This mostly involves lighting and small appliance controls, but can also control your heating and cooling, some alarm / chime systems, video surveilance and even electronic gates and door latches, all from a single dedicated pc.

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