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Penetration Testing

      How secure is your business? Are you safe from hackers? How about internal security? Do you know what is leaving your network and when? Do you have employees that take work home? What would happen if their laptop or flash-drive was lost or stolen? Do you have a step by step procedure to follow? What is being posted about your business on social media? Is your Wifi secure? How about your internal network?

      Most people actually have not heard of Penetration Testing. On its most basic level, Penetration Testing is testing your IT Infrastructure to see if a hacker would be able to penetrate its defenses. Many times there are default passwords that haven't been changed, non-secure platforms that are used, and quite often, a lack of security defenses in place at all.

      Penetration Testing fully tests your IT Infrastructure to see where the weak points are. In essence, I am going to to pretend to be a hacker and see what I can see as far as your weak points, but, I will not steal your data or damage your systems like a real hacker would, I do it to find the weak links and repair, and strengthen them, so that when a real hacker comes along, they will be stopped in their tracks.

      If you would be interested in having me run a full-scale penetration test on your equipment, please call me and let me know. I can, at that point go over the full scale of what is involved, what you get out of it, and how it will benefit your business.

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