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Due to Oregon's Government becoming Oppressive and Tyrannical, Preying Upon its own Small Business Owners, killing off its own, destroying even its economy, this business is no longer able to keep the doors open to walk-in customers.
Please call to make an appointment to be seen.

I am here to service all of your Small Business IT and Tech needs.

My primary focus is on Small Business IT Support and Home Computer Support.

I service everything from computers, servers, network switches, routers and firewalls, to video rental equipment.

Do you have old equipment that you need to get rid of and don't know where to take it? Donate it to me! I can refurbish and reuse many of the old systems, and what I can't, I can take to proper electronics recycling.

I am currently building an Arcade and Gaming Center. Donations of equipment are gladly welcomed!

<-- CONTACT ME! If you have any questions, concerns, comments or need a job done, call or email me. I will return your inquiries as soon as I can.

<----- Please see my link on the left to navigate to my arcade page, Roseburg Arcade and Gaming Center.

I am considering upgrading to a larger office and setting up a small entertainment center (Roseburg Arcade and Gaming Center) to give people a place to go with something to do. Click on the link on the left and let me know if this is something you would be interested in. If I get enough interest I will do it.





Open by appointment only!

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Roseburg Arcade and Gaming Center

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08-27-2020 (USA)