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Computer Repair Services

I can service your Small Business IT needs.

I am not accepting donations of old or used electronic equipment at this time.

Oregon's Government has become Oppressive and Tyrannical, Preying upon its Small Business Owners, Killing off its Residents, Letting its Forests Burn for the sake of Receiving Federal Funds - at the Cost of People's Lives and Property, even Destroying its own Economy.

Terrorism, Fear Mongering, Regular Abuses of Power, Abuses of the People of Oregon and Abuses of the Small Business Owners of Oregon by Oregon's Terrorist Governor, OSHA, the Main Stream Media, Large Corporations, Land-Lords and local Brown-Shirts have all drawn our people into a State of Terror and Fear.

Due to this, it is no longer safe for TWE Computer Repair to keep its doors open to walk-in customers.

Please make an appointment to be seen on a one-on-one basis.

Many businesses have already closed their businesses down, never to open again. TWE Computer Repair was almost one of them. Most have cut all possible expenses (at the expense of the service providers) just to survive. TWE Computer Repair has done the same. Many have relinquished services that I previously provided to them, cutting my revenue to nearly nothing in the last several months.

I will not be shutting down my business at this time, as previously stated. I will retain my office and continue working as before. If you know of ANY businesses that need regular computer work done, maintenance, upgrades, etc. I have space for additional clients right now.

Through it all, the Lord will provide for His Own. I have faith that He will provide for us, as He always has in the past. Please keep me (and this business) in your prayers as I depend on the Lord for an income, and for faith to continue in His work.





Open by appointment only!

Accepting new clients!

Computer Services

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11-17-2020 (USA)